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Riding equipment, harness, equestrian clothing, webshop.
Customer service: +36-1-433-4266, +36-70-333-2283
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The Nagy Lovas Company is a family run business. It has been at the service of the horse keepers and the lovers of horse riding sport for over 30 years. Besides manufacturing, we retail and wholesale as well. You can visit us at our premises located in Budapest and Keszthely or you can shop online.
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Our aim is to serve all horse keepers and lovers of all kind of horseriding and driving equipments. We can supply more than 5800 kinds of products.
Our desire is to add you or your company to our list of satisfied customers, by understanding and meeting your needs.

Since 1998 100% satisfaction surrounded our harnesses. In seven years more then 500 harnesses were produced. The secret of our success is not only because they look fancy but we produce our hardwearing harnesses from outstanding qualitiy of leather, stainless steel fittings accompained with handwork and handsewing. Our harnesses are well known all over the world. Get to know modells and accessories. Order even after measurement!

In our Clothing Workshop we utilized the lates technology is commited to producing the highest quality, meeting you needs and specifications. With high quality products we can offer an end to end service solution to our customers. Our team will design, order, source, manufacture and deliver products.

Our efforts focus on the use of innovative design, materials and production techniques in the development of functional, fashionable clothing. To choose Domingo is to fulfil ones need to experience of freedom, and to discover all the pleasures and sensations it has to offer.

Please visit us personally or online and be a customer of ours.
Main office and Warehouse: Nagy Lovas Kft 1101 - Budapest, Kőbányai út 41/c. Hungary, VAT: HU24306111
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Guinness rekord

All kinds of things can feature in the life of a company with a past as impressive as this, even a mention in the Guinness Book of Records - particularly when it serves to show the company's professional expertise. Nagy Lovas Kft was the maker of the world's biggest football, an exact replica of a real football.